A crash, death is smiling at me
Why not today...
Because it will happen tomorrow
Locked in this car, prisoner, survival denied
My eyes are foggy, like eyes of people who don't see anymore
My heart becomes insensitive, like hearts of people who cannot anymore
The request of nothingness is dawning on me
I am intensely detached, everything getting lost
Emptiness is growing inside till obliteration
Some knots are loosening up... did they really exist?
My body is flying away
My soul is leaving, slowly but surely
It's over
My only privilege asked
Why not today...
Because it will happen tomorrow
Dream, my chance for survival
Can I survive in dreams?
Shadow of none shadow!
Spectrum or ghost?
Here I am, still a prisoner and even my dog does not witness my sorrow


You belong to me now and will never be able to leave
You cannot play hide and seek anymore
I see you becoming red when it's hot
and turning pale when it's cold
Often, you let people see you
because you feel beautiful and vulnerable
You don't have to talk
Just your presence
tells us how it was over there
in the country where you were born
Your beauty is developing with age
you are nobler, wiser, more discreet
Sometimes we have to guess you
You never disguise yourself or so rarely...
that's your way to be true
I have learned to love, be proud of you
Alone, I have shared with you these few seconds
which became so important for the rest of my life:
Your birth
You are my child
We will always be together
We will keep and bury our secret in the same time
We are inseparable
I need you
You need me

It's so good to know this... to go on living
Are you in my soul or on my body?


I love you in lightness
and in joy
but I love you more
when you are "a little" lost

I say a "little" because
I believe you were born
under a lucky star

I am touching wood
the one with the knot on its surface
and the match you gave me...

you are protected
by two stars


Central Park, camouflage
rat poison hibernates
icy afternoon, wondering sun
Among dead, crinkling leaves
a little grey, brown shape jumps
A squirrel dancing "the death trap"
body stretched, eyes panicked
disharmonic and wholesome...
slow movements
silent pain
horror of the finale
Lamentations of freedom
captive of this body in pain
Glimpse of dispair...
then fold into
with grace


To be right is not always the conclusion
To be right to be right is perhaps the non-conclusion
Right, wrong
Is it important?

To have not is a conclusion
To have is a non conclusion
Have, have not
Is it important?


To be and to have
is the solution
to a conclusion
which is a
non conclusion

Is it the system of life?